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C# Training

Advanced C# training course

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

3 days

This advanced course assumes that you're already familiar with the basics of C# programming (see notes on course prerequisites at the bottom of this page). The course is aimed at people who know the basics of programming in C#, but want to know what words like inheritance, delegates, interfaces and classes really mean.

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite C# training course).

Course Contents

Designing classes

  • Training topicThe domestic cat object
  • Training topicProperties and methods
  • Training topicEncapsulation and exposure

Creating classes

  • Training topicUsing namespaces
  • Training topicCreating constructors
  • Training topicFields, properties and methods
  • Training topicStatic members

The form as a class

  • Training topicPartial classes
  • Training topicInitalizeComponent method
  • Training topicInstantiating forms

Values and references

  • Training topicThe heap and stack
  • Training topicDirect and indirect variables

Other value types

  • Training topicEnumerations
  • Training topicStructures

Data structures

  • Training topicGenerics
  • Training topicArrays
  • Training topicLists, stacks and queues
  • Training topicDictionaries


  • Training topicOverloaded methods
  • Training topicOverloading constructors


  • Training topicInheriting built-in classes
  • Training topicBase and derived classes
  • Training topicOverriding virtual members
  • Training topicAbstract and sealed classes


  • Training topicBuilt-in .NET interfaces
  • Training topicInterfaces vs. abstract classes
  • Training topicCreating interfaces
  • Training topicImplementing interfaces

Delegates and events

  • Training topicHow delegates work
  • Training topicAdapters and anonymous methods
  • Training topicCreating and raising events

LINQ theory

  • Training topicExtension methods
  • Training topicIenumerability
  • Training topicQuery vs. method syntax

Writing LINQ

  • Training topicArrays, lists and data tables
  • Training topicCriteria and ordering
  • Training topicUsing LET expressions

Advanced LINQ

  • Training topicProjecting data
  • Training topicAnonymous types
  • Training topicForcing query execution
  • Training topicTaking and skipping

Different LINQ models

  • Training topicLINQ to Entities
  • Training topicLINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL models

  • Training topicThe O/R designer
  • Training topicData contexts

Writing LINQ to SQL

  • Training topicIterating over records
  • Training topicUsing associations
  • Training topicCalling stored procedures
  • Training topicChanging data

Grouping using LINQ

  • Training topicIGrouping and IEnumerable
  • Training topicGrouping keys
  • Training topicGroup into and ordering
  • Training topicUsing multiple keys

Lambda expressions

  • Training topicPredicate delegates
  • Training topicLambda expression syntax

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Sample customer feedback

"Only having me on the course was very useful and I covered more than the advertised content which was good. I found the C# course (previously attended) to be very useful."

Paul Martin (Ashton Sixth Form College)

"(Intro to SQL).100%. A+++. (Adv C#, Classes & LINQ). A++. Really enjoyed and very helpful course. No faults whatsoever. Will use Wise Owl again"

Tom Derbyshire (PAM Group)

"Enjoyed the course and very valuable for me. Would certainly consider Wise Owl again."

Paul Shepherd (Supernova IT Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You should not attend this course if you are a beginner at C programming (in which case choose our two-day introduction to C# course instead). If you are already an expert on creating classes and implementing inheritance this is not the course for you either. 

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