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Using a DAX query to show a table in Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 January 2021

Did you know that you can write an EVALUATE DAX query in software like DAX Studio and then run it from within Power BI to create a new table? You do now!

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

A book, a board game and a box set to get you through lockdown

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

It's not often that you find a brilliant book, board game and box set over Christmas all of which you can recommed without reservation, but this blog is proof that it can happen!

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

A new type of Power BI licence: Premium per user

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

Microsoft have announced a new type of licence for Power BI called Premium Per User, which sits halfway between the current Pro and Premium licences.

Tags:   Power BI | General

New Office 365 skills assessment tests now available

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

We've published 5 new skills assessment tests, for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and general Office 365, allowing you to test people's knowledge of the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Tags:   Musings | Skills tests

The answer to (and winner of) our December 2020 newsletter competition

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2021

This month's competition was one by Rory O'Connor of Freemans Grattan Holdings. This blog gives the answer, and also the logical steps to reach it.

Tags:   Musings | Competitions
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