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The March 2019 update of Power BI allows you to create multiple table layouts

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 March 2019

In addition to all of the wonderful new features in the March 2019 Power BI update that I blogged about yesterday, you can also create multiple database relationship diagrams (or layouts).

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Read about the many new features introduced in the March 2019 update

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 March 2019

This is the biggest single update for some time, introducing the new modelling view, tooltip styling, single-select slicers and much more besides.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Getting Started with Power BI Report Server

Posted by Andrew Gould on 19 March 2019

Power BI encourages you to publish reports to an online service so that you can share your beautiful reports with the world. If you'd rather keep them a secret you can use Power BI Report Server to deploy your reports to an on-premises server, as this blog series shows you.

Tags:   Power BI | Power BI Service    |    Power BI | General

The mysteries of context transition explained

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 25 February 2019

Context transition happens when a DAX function creates filter context within row context, or vice versa. This blog explains what context transition is, and shows which DAX functions make use of it.

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

Changes to Power BI in the January and February 2019 updates

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 February 2019

There wasn't an official January update, although there were improvements announced to Power BI Service. This blog lists these, and also new features to wrap titles in visuals, apply rounded corners and change the default way in which visuals interact with each other.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Understanding row context in DAX

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 01 February 2019

Row context (along with its sibling, filter context) is one of the most important concepts in DAX. This blog explains what row context is, and how to use it!

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

Understanding filter context in DAX

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 28 January 2019

Understanding filter context is the key to understanding how to create measures in DAX. This blog aims to explain this vital subject as succinctly as possible!

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

Creating reports in Power BI with dynamic measures or dynamic dimensions

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 January 2019

This blog shows how to create fully dynamic reports, whereby users can choose which statistics to show and which dimensions to report them by.

Tags:   Power BI | General
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