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A summary of the main changes introduced in the December 2019 Power BI update

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 December 2019

The December 2019 update allows you to customise your visuals pane and format KPIs better, but that's almost it!

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

A preview of what the feature to customise themes within Power BI will look like

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 December 2019

Power BI is getting a built-in facility to edit themes, although it is currently still in preview. This blog shows what you can expect.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Wise Owl 2019 highlights in numbers

Posted by Karen Webber on 19 December 2019

It's been a busy year at the Owlery, and we've taken a look back at some of our highlights.

The Wise Owl November 2019 Newsletter Competition winner (and answer)

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 December 2019

November's competition was to use a set of instructions to colour in cells in a spreadsheet and create a picture. This blog shows one possible answer, and reveals the winner!

Pin the tail on the reindeer, Power BI style

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 December 2019

You have 3 attempts to pin the tail on the (slightly caustic) reindeer, a game created by Sam as a Power BI report.

Tags:   Power BI | General

Both of the Wise Owl founders' kittens now have names!

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 December 2019

Andy and Jenny (the two original Wise Owls) have finally got round to naming their new kittens. Whether this deserves a blog post is another question ...

YouTube Silver Award - 100K + subscribers!

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 25 November 2019

We're proud to announce that YouTube have given us their coveted silver award, in recognition of the fact that our video channel has over 100,000 subscribers.

There are few changes in the November 2019 update of Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

The only significant change to Power BI for the November 2019 update is the introduction of conditional formatting for buttons, although there are exciting things now waiting in preview.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

A new Power BI ribbon is waiting in the wings!

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

Microsoft have announced a new preview version of Power BI ribbon - this blogs shows what it will look like.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

We're getting two new kittens next week, but have no idea what to call them!

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

Can anyone think of good names for our two new kittens? It was easier thinking of names for children!

You can now use AT TIME ZONE to access different time zones in SQL

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

If you're working with different time zones, the AT TIME ZONE keywords introduced in SQL Server 2016 will make your life much easier - this blog explains how they work.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data

Colour in the picture using the numbers provided in the Excel sheet

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

This month's competition is deceptively simple - just colour in the cells using the instructions provided to form a picture of ... what?

Revealed: the answer and winner for last month's competition

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 November 2019

Last month's competition asked you to reveal the hidden question. We had 24 entries nominating their favourite films - congratulations to Victoria Anthony of Sucden Financial for being the first name pulled out of the Wise Owl sorting hat!

History of Wise Owl: The early years

Posted by Jenny Brown on 22 November 2019

The story of Wise Owl starts in a basement in Chorlton-cum-Hardy in 1992, at a time when WordPerfect for DOS was still widely used and Lotus 1-2-3 ruled the spreadsheet roost.

Tags:   Miscellaneous | Nostalgia

Why I became a trainer

Posted by Shaun Wantling on 22 November 2019

People become trainers for many different reasons. In this blog, Shaun explains his journey from being an accountant to training people in IT.

Dynamic comparison calculations in DAX

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 11 November 2019

This blogs shows a clever way in which you can use a slicer to choose which values to compare in a measure.

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

Explaining the VALUE argument of the RANKX function in DAX

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 29 October 2019

The RANKX function does what the name implies - it ranks values based on a calculation. However, the VALUE argument often causes confusion; this blog explains what it does!

Tags:   Power BI | Measures / DAX

Our take on the new features introduced in the October 2019 update for Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 October 2019

This month's big story is a huge range of improvements to the Q&A feature in Power BI, with more in the preview pipeline. There are also a built-in PowerApps visual, improvements to data profiling in Query Editor and a new template for connecting to datasets.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

A comparison of SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 October 2019

Power BI improves with each monthly update. Will it reach a point where SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) becomes redundant? This detailed blog compares the two products, and considers the future of SSRS.

Tags:   SSRS | General    |    Power BI | General

Excel MasterClass: creating a worksheet and chart to track your weight

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 October 2019

It's fairly easy to create a simple Excel worksheet to chart your weight, but this master class shows you lots of tips and tricks to make the final result quicker to create and easier to use.

Tags:   Excel | Masterclass
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