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What's new in SQL Server 2017? For SSAS Tabular, lots, it transpires.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 January 2018

This blog summarises the main new features of SQL Server for non-administrators (that is, most of us). Most parts of SQL Server get minor changes at best, but SSAS Tabular 2017 gets a host of major improvements.

A summary of the changes introduced in Visual Studio 2017

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 January 2018

Visual Studio 2017 includes some clever new quick coding features, better debugging and a much better installation routine, as this blog explains.

Changes to Wise Owl Excel courses (including a new intermediate course)

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 January 2018

We've revamped our Excel course offerings, to include a new one-day Intermediate Excel course to sit between our introduction and advanced courses.

Tags:   Excel | General

New features in the January 2018 update of Power BI Desktop

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 January 2018

This month introduces a smorgasbord of small but useful updates, including the ability to hide pages, colour data labels and to set the anchor (from) date for a relative date slicer.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

How to use an unpivot transform in Power BI Desktop (or PowerPivot) Query Editor

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2018

If you get data in pivot (two-dimensional) form, you can unpivot it to get the underlying rows, and hence produce charts and visuals. This blog shows how!

Tags:   Power BI - Excel | Power Query    |    Power BI | Query editor

New features in the December 2017 update of Power BI Desktop

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2018

Field descriptions anyone? This is a fairly minor update, although we like responsive horizontal slicers, and there are some exciting things coming up in preview mode.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates
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