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Using Criteria in SQL Queries

Posted by Andrew Gould on 16 January 2013

When you write queries in SQL it's immensely useful to be able to show records matching criteria that you've set. You can do this using the WHERE clause and this blog teaches you how to use it!

Tags:   SQL | WHERE criteria    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

A keyboard short-cut for Word previous position

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 January 2013

A short blog explaining how to use the keyboard to cycle through previous cursor positions.

Tags:   Word | General

Create a calendar table for PowerPivot or Analysis Services in SQL Server

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2013

This blog includes the SQL script to generate a table of calendar dates for linking to from within PowerPivot or an Analysis Services tabular model.

Tags:   Excel | PowerPivot    |    PowerPivot 2010 | Calendar    |    SQL Server versions | SQL Server 2012

Declaring and using SQL variables

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 January 2013

Variables in SQL always begin with @, and allow you to program more efficiently. Learn the tips and tricks in this short series of blogs!

Tags:   SQL | SQL programming    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial
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