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Using Xamarin to develop mobile phone apps in Visual Studio

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 July 2016

With Visual Studio 2015 you can now develop for a wide range of mobile platforms, including IoS (Apple), Android and even the Apple Watch.

How to install Visual Studio 2015 Community and SQL Server 2016 Developer

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 July 2016

This short blog summarises how to get legitimate free copies of Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server 2016 Developer installed on your laptop or computer.

A strange error when using Web Extensions to auto-compile SASS

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 May 2016

A short blog explaining a compile error I got using Web Extensions - here's hoping it saves someone else some time!

Overview of Data Controls in ASP.NET 4.0

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 September 2011

With the introduction of the ListView data control in ASP.NET 3.5, there are now 4 separate tools for displaying multiple rows of data in ASP.NET. Which one is best - GridView, Repeater, DataList or ListView?

Changing Visual Studio default settings for ASP.NET

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 August 2011

Visual Studio is a great tool for developing websites using ASP.NET - it can be made even greater by tweaking some default settings. Use this blog to change the default start-up options, assign a navigate backward key, insert attribute quote marks and open pages in HTML view by default.

Visual Studio - Recent Projects not Showing Up

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 May 2011

It's been irritating the author for a long time now that some websites weren't showing up as recent projects in the Visual Studio FILE menu.  The reason is that they didn't have an associated solution - this article shows how to create a blank solution and add your project to it, thereby removing the irritation!

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