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Transactions in SQL Server

Posted by Andrew Gould on 11 October 2013

This blog examines how to use Transactions in Microsoft SQL Server to allow you to control when data changes are committed to the database. You'll also discover how you can rollback transactions, effectively giving you the chance to undo changes to your data.

Tags:   SQL | Transactions    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Deleting and Updating Records in SQL

Posted by Andrew Gould on 08 May 2013

This blog teaches you how to modify existing data in your database by either deleting records or updating them.

Tags:   SQL | Transactions    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Free SQL training

Posted by Andrew Gould on 13 February 2012

This article provides a comprehensive tutorial in Microsoft SQL Server, taking you from the basics of writing SELECT statements all the way through to creating complex stored procedures.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data    |    SQL | WHERE criteria    |    SQL | Calculations    |    SQL | Joins    |    SQL | Grouping    |    SQL | Stored procedures    |    SQL | Transactions    |    SQL | CTEs, subqueries    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial
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