Capturing text using SnagIt
SnagIt is great for capturing text, but we hadn't realised it was also good for OCR (optical character recognition).

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 November 2010

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Capturing text using SnagIt

At the owlery we're big fans of SnagIt, the all-purpose screen capture tool from TechSmith.  I've also just discovered that you can use this for text capture.

For example, suppose that you have an irritating error message displayed like the one below, and want to get its text into the clipboard:

Irritating Access error message

Part of our irritating Access message we want to copy

To get this into the clipboard using SnagIt version 9 or later, you need to switch mode:

SnagIt menu diagram

Open SnagIt and choose the menu option shown to switch to text capture mode.


When you run a screen capture, you can now choose to send the output to the clipboard, for example.  Here's what we'd get for the above dialog box:

Microsoft Access can't find the object 'SELECT *, sql_variant_property(value, 'basetype') AS type FROM

::fn_listextendedproperty(N'MS_DisplayViewsOnSharePointSite',N'user', N'dbo',N'table',N'tblCourseware2',NULL,NULL)1'.

 * You tried to open a linked table, but the file containing the table isn't on the path you specified. Use the Linked Table Manager to update the link and point to the correct path.

If you want more help on this particular SQL error, see this separate blog!

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