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Useful links and downloads for our video tutorials on Power BI applications
This blog is provided to support our series of tutorials on PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map.

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 April 2015

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Excel 2013 Power BI Tutorial Video - Links and Downloads

This blog is to support our tutorial series on PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map in Excel (collectively known as the Power Business Intelligence Suite).

Power Query Links

Useful links for Power Query videos:

Subject Link
Wikipedia population data table Click here
Excel VBA course list Click here then click on the button on the right to list scheduled dates.

To follow the second part of our Power Query tutorial exactly, download this Excel workbook rather than using the link to the Excel VBA course list above.

Make-a-Mammal Database Download

All of our tutorial videos on PowerPivot, Power Query and Power Map use the same MAM database (it stands for Make-a-Mammal, and is loosely modelled on Build-a-Bear, but without the schmaltz).  Here are the download files:

Format Download
SQL Server Run this script
Excel Open this workbook

The 4th video tutorial in our series (called Getting Started with PowerPivot) shows how to download, unzip and access the data in the above files.

You'll only need to download one of the two formats.  If you have SQL Server running at your organisation, use the SQL script (not only is this the one used throughout the tutorials, but it will also make your life easier in PowerPivot and will run more quickly). 

Other files for the video tutorials

Here are other files that individual tutorials reference:

Tutorial part Files
7 - Importing from and linking to other data sources Download files
12 - Calendars and dates in PowerPivot Download files
16 - An Introduction to Power View Download files

For each file, you'll need to download it and then unzip the contents.

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