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A detailed blog exploring what's new in SSIS 2012
Part ten of a eleven-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2014

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Difference 9 - Parameters and Environments

In Reporting Services you can deploy reports to require parameters (for example, a consumer of your report might want to show sales between two input dates).  You can now do this in SSIS too:

Parameters tab

Here we've created a parameter allowing us to count only X Factor contestants who finished in the top 3 positions.

Within a package, parameters behave in every way like variables.

For our package, I've added a conditional split to divide the finalist rows into those who finished in the first N positions, and those who didn't:

Conditional split

We'll discard the other rows.

Here's what the revised data flow task looks like:

Revised package with conditional split

We're now only counting certain rows, rather than all of them.


When you deploy this package and then execute it from within Management Studio, you can change the parameter value:

Parameter dialog box

You can change the cut-off point to any number you want.

What SSIS also allows you to do is to create groups of pre-defined values for parameters, called Environments:

Environments in SSIS

The way in which you create and manage environments is a bit clunky in SSIS 2012.


And with that out of the way, I'll finish with a look at miscellaneous other minor and not-so-minor changes in SSIS 2012. 

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