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A detailed blog exploring what's new in SSIS 2012
Part eleven of a eleven-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2014

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Differences 10 - Other Miscellaneous Changes

In addition to all of the differences listed so far, here are some other improvements in SSIS 2012.

New CDC Task

There is a new task to manage Change Data Capture:

CDC task

The new Change Data Capture task in SSIS 2012.


I must admit I haven't yet had cause to use this, but doubtless it will change someone's life ...

Data Taps

Another fairly specialised feature allows you to tap data (think of it as like a data view whose output is preserved):

The IdentificationString property

This property of a connection between two data flow tasks is key to getting data taps to work.

Data taps are another feature I haven't yet made us of, but there's a pretty good run-through here.


That completes this run-through of the main differences between SSIS 2008 R2 and 2012.  Wise Owl currently train by default on SSIS 2012, but we can arrange onsite courses in 2008 R2 and even 2005.  Just ask!

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