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A detailed blog exploring what's new in SSIS 2012
Part nine of a eleven-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2014

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Difference 8 - Deploying Packages in 2012

Probably the biggest single difference in SSIS 2012 is that there is a new method of deployment:

Deployment menu option

You can right-click on any project in SSIS 2012 to revert to the legacy package deployment model, but you would be mad to do so!

Having deployed a package by right-clicking on it and choosing Deploy (as above), you can then execute it from within Management Studio:

Executing a package in SSMS

You deploy projects to a Catalog in Management Studio called SSISDB.  Here this contains a single project called X Factor, which contains a single package,


When you're deploying packages you can also set parameters (and group these together into environments), which is the subject of the next part of this blog.

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