The new brand for Wise Owl Business Solutions
As the first part of a complete rebranding, you may start seeing our new logo appearing on stationery and pages of our website. Here's a preview of it!

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 January 2014

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A new logo for Wise Owl (and website, eventually)

Our original logo was drawn in Freelance for DOS, and was a cute owl with jagged edges.  Sadly, I can't find any record of it!

Our current logo is a bit more professional, but substantially less cute:

Current logo

The current Wise Owl logo - the red swoosh is meant to be part of the owl's head.


And our new logo?  Judge for yourself!

New Wise Owl logo

The new logo is a bit friendlier and cuter, we hope!


We're hoping that the new website will be released some time in mid-2014 (and at some stage we'll put all of our web and other resources into the new branding).

Watch this space!

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