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What's new in Excel 2013
Part seven of a seven-part series of blogs

Excel 2013 contains radical changes to charts, pivot tables and the user interface. This review explains all the new features of Excel 2013

  1. Excel 2013 - the Wise Owl Review!
  2. First Impressions - the Excel 2013 Look-and-Feel
  3. Excel 2013 changes: working with files
  4. Excel 2013 changes: pivot tables and data analysis
  5. Excel 2013 - Changes to Charts
  6. What's new in Excel 2013 - general changes
  7. Excel 2013 - summary and recommendations (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 January 2013

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Excel 2013 - summary and recommendations

Excel 2013 is a pretty impressive product.  Here are some people who should upgrade as soon as possible:

Role Why upgrade
Anyone working with charts Charts in Excel have been completely rewritten.  There are new features in there, but above all they are much easier to use.
Anyone working with pivot tables If you spend your life creating pivot tables, Excel 2013 will make that life easier (and that's even before you start using add-ins like Power View and PowerPivot).
Spreadsheet modellers I don't think there's anything in the core of Excel 2013 to excite people who build spreadsheet models for a living, but the Inquire add-in could save you a lot of testing time.
Small businesses SkyDrive makes it much easier to share Office documents.  You don't even need a network any more - just a robust connection to the Internet (although even this isn't quite so important, since SkyDrive synchronises with your computer).

However, even casual users of Excel will benefit from all of the new ease-of-use features.  Definitely worth the upgrade!

I hope to add reviews of (at minimum) PowerPoint 2013, Word 2013, Access 2013 and Outlook 2013 soon.  The best way to ensure that you know when this happens is to subscribe to our Twitter feed.

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