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KB2716442 SQL Server 2012 Windows Update fails
One idea for what to do if you continually get one Windows Update appearing when you shut down your computer.

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 November 2012

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KB2716442 Security Update for SQL Server 2012 Fails

I have a Dell Precision laptop running Windows 7 Professional.  For the last week or two it's installed an update every time I shut my laptop down.  Here's how I solved this (in the hope that it may help someone else).

Viewing your Windows Updates

Click on the Windows START button, and type in Windows Update:

Windows Update option

Type in Windows Update, and you'll be able to see and run the Windows Update program.


You can now choose to view your update history:

View update history menu

Click on the link shown to view your udpate history.

Here's what I saw when I did this:

Security update for SQL Server 2012 messages

The same update keeps failing ...

Solving the Problem

The solution, it turns out, was to repair SQL Server 2012.  To do this, type CMD into the Windows Start button box and press ENTER:

Running the command window

As most readers will know, there are many other ways to bring up the command window than this.


Now type in the following command into the command window as shown in thie Microsoft discussion forum, and press ENTER:

Command to repair SQL Server

The command is setup /action=repair.

Work through the installation screens which appear, and hopefully it will solve the problem (it did for me!).

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