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IE compatibility view stops embedded videos running
If you're trying to run a YouTube video within a website and nothing happens, maybe you're using compatibility view in Internet Explorer?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 October 2012

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Problems Running Embedded YouTube Videos

Excitedly, you see a video embedded on a website.  Nervously, you click on the PLAY button.  And then what happens?

A video about to run

If you can't see the start screen for the video, it probably won't run.


Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

If you've experienced this, it may be that you're using Internet Explorer in compatibility view.  To get round the problem:

  • Load the same URL (website address) in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or another browser; or
  • Turn off compatibility view as shown below.

Turning Off Compatibility View

To disable compatibility view (telling IE9 to pretend it's an earlier version, for example), click on the icon shown below:

Compatibility view icon in IE9

Click on this icon to disable it (quite what the icon represents I'm not sure).

You should now be back in business!

YouTube video on website

You can now run the video in question!

I hope that helped someone, somewhere! 

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