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Make Google do a barrel roll, show odd directions, etc.
Google has a number of hidden features buried within it - here's a summary of my personal favourites.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

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Google Tricks

Until someone told us on a course last week (thanks, Carys), we never realised that Google could do a barrel roll!  That set us investigating ...

Google Gymnastics

As far as we can tell, these commands only work in Chrome (they definitely don't work in our versions of IE9 or Firefox):

Command What it does
Tilt Tilts the screen slightly
Do a barrel roll Rotate the screen 360 degrees (warning: induces nausea).

Here's what tilting looks like:

Tilted Google screen

The screen lurches slightly ...

Odd Maps

Walking directions from Rivendell to Mordor work in any browser:

Mordor warning

Make sure you choose walking directions to see this ominous warning.


Odd Searches

Searching for binary, hexadecimal or octal shows the number of results in the relevant base (bit geeky, this one):

Binary results in Google

It's shorter in hexadecimal!


Searching for Zerg Rush gradually destroys your screen:

Zerg Rush Google search

Apparently it's to do with a game popular in South Korea ...

One of our favourites - searching for recursion yields the following helpful suggestion:

Recursion in Google

Click on the link until you get the joke ...


Someone at Google has too much time on their hands with these suggestions:

Anagram in google search

Ho ho ... !


These are just a small sample of the ones we found most entertaining.  You can see a full list here (although many of the ones listed no longer work).

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