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Translate Facebook into Piratese, or upside-down English
Facebook supports a wide variety of native languages - this blog takes a light-hearted look at some of the stranger ones.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

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Facebook Translation

Did you know just how many languages Facebook supports?

English version of Facebook

Bored of Facebook? Time to change!


Some of the Languages Available

One obvious Facebook language to choose is Pirate Speak:

Pirate Speak in Facebook

Look for friends becomes Scour for mateys ... you get the idea.

For the linguistically gifted, there's a disappointingly incomplete lingua latina:

Latin Facebook

What's photo in Latin? Facebook don't know either!  I quite like the Domesticus home page, though.


For sheer pointlessness, though, it's hard to beat upside-down English:

Upside-down English Facebook

Upside-down English is ... upside-down!


How to Change Language

To choose a different Facebook language, start by clicking on English (UK) - or whatever your default language happens to be:

Facebook language choice

At the bottom right of the Facebook page, usually (mine is just underneath my all-too-short list of friends) is this language button.


You can then choose (say) English (Pirate) or English (Upside Down):

Choice of languages in Facebook

There are some odd languages listed besides these two.


If you liked that, you might like to play about with Google too ...

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