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Winner of (and answers to) our Easter newsletter quiz
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Posted by Andy Brown on 30 May 2022

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Winner of (and answers to) our Easter newsletter quiz

Sigh ... the gremlins struck again.  Many of you will have completed our Easter quiz, only to see a message saying that you had already entered and would not be able to do so again.  Apologies for this glitch. 

Since as far as I can tell this "feature" was completely random, I've treated it - perhaps a tad unfairly - as part of the random sorting process.  26 people managed to submit answers successfully, and I've drawn the winner from these names.

Our randomised (and weighted) Excel sorting hat drew out the name of Katie Kimber-Perry of Trafford Housing Trust, who wins this month's rollover £100 jackpot (paid as an Amazon voucher). 

The hardest question (only 15% of people got it right, which is less than you would expect statistically if people answered randomly) was this one:

Question 15

The correct answer was "Cruel to be kind", which comes from Hamlet.  This was an unfair question, in retrospect, for which I apologise!

My favourite question was this one:

Question 17

Who would have thought that the Titanic broadcast "CQD" as its distress signal?  "Pan-Pan" is also a genuine distress call.

My other favourite question was this one about the month of May;

Question 19

The answer is A - in any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day of the week as May does.  I can't believe that any month could be so distinctive! 

Thanks to all who took part: I promise to solve the glitch in time for the next newsletter quiz!

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