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Marking our 30th anniversary month
We're giving to UNICEF 30 pounds for each booking in May as part of the celebrations for our 30th anniversary

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

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Marking our 30th anniversary month

The date with the best claim to be the 30th anniversary of Wise Owl is probably 1st May (roughly when you'll be reading this newsletter).

To mark the event, we'll be giving £30 for every booking for the calendar month of May.  At the time of writing this looks like being:

Type of course Number of bookings
Scheduled 24
Tailored 23

This would give a total of 47 * £30 = £1,410.  We will give the money to UNICEF, who do such good work helping children and refugees:

UNICEF Ukraine

Obviously UNICEF are active all round the world, but we're particularly thinking of the suffering in Ukraine at the moment.

Note that we've also upgraded our logo on our website:

30th logo

Thanks to Sam for organising this!


Next month we'll be cutting a special cake Karen has commissioned for us, although this might be overshadowed by the results of the great beard-off being announced on the same day!

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