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We are increasing the prices of our scheduled courses
To reflect our rising costs (and the fact that we haven't increased our prices for some time), we are raising the prices of our scheduled courses, as set out in this blog.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 February 2022

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We are increasing the prices of our scheduled courses

And not before time, perhaps (although if you're reading this as one of our valued clients, you probably won't agree).  Here's the history of our prices for our flagship two-day Introduction to SQL course for London, Manchester and online training:

Course prices

The online figures on the right only go back to 2019, which for some strange reason was when we decided to offer online courses!

This shows that we've rarely increased our prices, and they haven't kept up with inflation:

Inflation calculator

According to the Bank of England inflation calculator, prices have risen by 42% since 2008, which would give a cost for our SQL course of £845 today (the true price per place is £795 for London, £695 for Manchester and £595 online).

We've decided therefore to increase most of our prices (and actually reduce a couple) to make them more coherent.  Our new prices in pounds from 1st March 2022 for places on scheduled courses will be as follows:

Type of course Days Online Manchester London
Excel (basic, intermediate and advanced) 1 395 550 695
2 595 750 895
Standard (most introductory courses) 2 695 850 995
3 995 1195 1395
Advanced (including DAX, SSAS and Excel Modelling) 2 795 950 1095
3 1095 1295 1495
Fast-track courses 3 1095 1295 1495

These prices reflect that our costs are lowest for online training (despite the far greater amount of admin involved), and highest for courses in London - not surprisingly.

If you've already booked (or are in the act of booking) a course place, we will honour our pre-increase prices. 

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