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30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Different strands of work over the last 30 years
A nostalgic look at the many things we've got involved with since Wise Owl started, including making videos, publishing blogs and writing books!

You can see a summary of our 30th anniversary nostalgia (and celebrations) here.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 February 2022

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Developing different areas of work

Doing the same thing for 30 years sounds dull.  It would have been if we had!  Here's a taste of some of the paths we've travelled down.

If there's one thing we've learnt over the last 30 years, it's this: if you want to keep a business going, you can't just keep doing the same thing and hope it will keep going!


By 2010 it was obvious that we needed to share our expertise online, so we developed a way to publish blogs.  We published our first blog on 4th January 2011:

First blog

I wish the first blog had been on a more momentous subject!


After a brief spurt, we've been fairly consistent in our publication schedule:

Blog publication

The small bar on the right is 2022 to date at the time of writing.


We've blogged most about the things you'd probably expect us to blog the most

Blogs by topic

Inevitably, the Power BI platform has received the most blog love. Just.


The most popular blog?  Drum roll please ...

Top 10 blogs

The top 10 blogs by number of page views since ... well, since we started blogging. 


Andrew Gould published our first video on conditional formatting data bars in Excel on 21st October 2011.  Since then we've published another 510 videos, the vast majority created by Andrew:


Videos by author

My humble contribution is the little blue band at the top.


There are actually 603 videos on our YouTube channel, since this also includes videos published as part of our self-guided VBA online course.

The most common category is VBA: 

Videos by category

There are over 200 VBA videos on our site.

And the most viewed video, with (at the time of writing) 1,122,739 views?

Top 10 views

The 10 most viewed videos of all time on our YouTube channel.

Out of these it's the third one which has received the most viewing minutes, however (8,529.540 at the time of writing, or 16.21 years of 24-hours-a-day viewing - for just this one video).

Skills Assessment Tests

Since 2011 over three-quarters of a million people have finished one of the skills assessment tests on our website:

Tests taken by month/year

The darker the colour, the more tests were taken in that month/year.

Excel is by far the most popular test:

Ten most popular tests

Excel and Word lead the pack!


Since we decided to make our exercises freely available on our website, they have been among the most popular pages. 

Excel exercises

Another chart topped by Excel.

This understates how often our exercises are viewed online, since there are so many of them available.

Other Activities

In addition to delivering courses (our bread-and-butter activity) and creating blogs, videos, skills assessment tests and exercises (as above), we've also found time for other activities:

Activity Notes
Writing books You can download Andrew Gould's Introduction to Excel VBA in printed form from Lulu (it would be super cool to download a physical printed book, but sadly it has to be delivered via old-fashioned means).
Self-guided online courses You can now enjoy a complete self-study VBA course on our website, complete with videos, supporting text, exercises and documentation.
Consultancy As well as providing training for businesses throughout the UK (and overseas), we've also built numerous systems for clients in Access, Excel, SQL, Reporting Services and Power BI (among others)

So no ... there hasn't been time to get bored!

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