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February 2022 newsletter competition - a word search
For this month's competition we invite you to find the 46 missing related items in a letter grid; the unused letters will then spell out a thematic phrase. The first correct answer drawn out of our randomised sorting hat at the end of February will win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 January 2022

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February 2022 Newsletter Competition

This month's newsletter is one of our famous word searches!  The grid below contains 46 related items:

Word search

All words or phrases appear in a straight line in any direction. Blanks and punctuation characters have been removed. All entries have at least 5 letters.  You can download the Excel version of this word search here (this download also includes a macro version, which will colour in correct guesses for you).

After marking off the items, the unused letters (spelling from left to right and top to bottom) will spell out a relevant phrase, with one obvious four-letter word missing from the end to complete the sentence.  To enter the competition, just send this missing word to the following email address:

Email address

Send your answer to this email address.


The first correct entry picked out of our randomised Excel sorting hat at the end of February will win a £50 Amazon voucher!

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