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Introducing a raft of new skills assessment test services
We are proud - and relieved - to finally announce that you can now assign tests to candidates and create your own custom tests through our website!

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 January 2022

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Introducing a raft of new skills assessment test services

Although you've been able to do skills assessment tests on our website for some years now, you haven't been able to book tests in for other candidates or create your own tests.  That's now changed!

This means that we can finally turn off our old skills assessment site (for the moment it just displays a redirect message, but at some stage in the near future we will finally pull the plug).

Booking in candidates

You can now add candidates to your account, and assign tests to them:

Viewing candidate tests

This user of our website has added two candidates, each of whom has been assigned a number of tests.

Assigning tests

You can assign tests to candidates - here only one person has actually done theirs to date:

Assigned tests

After assigning a test to a candidate the website gives you proposed text for an invitation to send out.

See how to assign tests to candidates.

Creating custom tests

You can now create your own custom tests, and assign them to candidates internally in your organisation:

A sample question

A question from a (slightly easy) custom test on identifying sea creatures (having said which, we would expect most custom tests to be to do with using software ...).

See how to create custom tests.

Prices and plans

The first few tests that you assign (or questions that you create) are free.  Thereafter you can sign up to our premium or gold plans, which offer the following benefits:

Payment plans

The premium plan at £9.99 a month will be sufficient for almost every user.


See details of our payment plans.

Until we implement recurring payments on our website we will not be charging for any payment plans, so you can enjoy using our full range of skills assessment test services for free for now!

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