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The Microsoft Whiteboard is reverting to the old version
In an almost unprecedented move, Microsoft are cancelling the new Whiteboard launched only last month and reverting back to the old version.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 November 2021

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The Microsoft Whiteboard is reverting to the old version

So in last month's newsletter I drew people's attention to Microsoft's glossy new whiteboard for online meetings:

New tools

Some of the new palettes in the new Whiteboard.

Apparently it was a bit too glossy, and Microsoft have now reverted back to the old version.  Sure enough, here's what I now see when I run Whiteboard:

Old Whiteboard

I've added my thoughts on the subject to my whiteboard.

You have to wonder what went wrong with this new software launch.  Presumably Whiteboard will relaunch soon with tweaks?

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