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A new Microsoft Whiteboard
The Microsoft Whiteboard used for presenting during online meetings has been pretty much rewritten - see whether you like the results (we do).

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 October 2021

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A new Microsoft Whiteboard

The Microsoft Whiteboard has been revamped (you can download it from the Windows Store here).  Regular users will immediately see when they launch the software that it looks different:

A new side panel

This new side panel is completely new.


Here are some of the menus that these icons bring up (I've amalgamated them into a single picture):


Some of the menus you can go to from the opening one.


The pen-tray has been recreated (and very nice it looks too):

New pen-tray

The beautifully implemented new pen tray.


You can get a list of all of the new features here - the above is just to give you an idea of how much the software has been improved.

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