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October 2021 newsletter competition: answers and winner
Last month's competition wsa to shade in a picture of a dinosaur using the numbers provided. Congratulations to Denzil Foakes for winning this month's fifty-pound Amazon voucher (out of the 13 entries submitted, Denzil's was the one picked out of the electronic random hat). You can see the answers here, together with a guide to how to solve this sort of puzzle.

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 October 2021

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October 2021 newsletter competition: answers and winner

I like this sort of puzzle, but apparently I'm in a minority: we only had 13 entries last month.  Out of these, congratulations to Denzil Foakes of Skanska UK, whose name was the first one picked out of the randomised hat.  A £50 Amazon voucher is on its way..

The mystery picture was a dinosaur:

Dinosaur image

T Rex?

If you always wonder how to get started with these puzzles, consider the number 13 shown at the bottom of column W.  To get 13 continuous squares, suppose you start at the top or bottom:

From the bottom ... ... or from the top

In either case, there's a block of cells in the middle which have to be filled in:

Blocked cells

The red cells must be filled in, wherever the block of 13 cells starts.


Applying the same principle to the columns to the left of this gives these cells which must be filled in:

Cells filled in

Using the numbers at the bottom of these columns yields these shaded cells (at a minimum).


You can now use the number 20 ringed below to establish that even if the row of 20 consecutive cells starts as far over to the left as it can, the blue shaded cells must be blank, and can be marked as such:

Unshaded cells

In this sort of puzzle it's just as important to mark the cells which can't be shaded as it is to mark the cells which must be.

It's a bit early to guess the final drawing, but you're on your way! 

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