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Changes for the October 2021 Power BI Update
There are virtually no changes in this month's update, but this blog does include details of two new features which slipped through previous monthly update nets: persistent filters and personal bookmarks.

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Posted by Andy Brown on 28 October 2021

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Changes for the October 2021 Power BI Update

From what I can see this month's update only contains one change to the core Power BI Desktop product - the introduction of some DAX bitwise functions:

Functions What they do
BITLSHIFT, BITRSHIFT Shift bits one to the left or right.
BITAND, BITOR, BITXOR Allow comparisons of individual bits.

I can't imagine why you would ever want to use any of these functions in a normal environment, let alone in Power BI. 

However, I have recently discovered two changes which were introduced some time in the past year, but which slipped under the Microsoft updates radar:

Change Details
Persistent filters You can now prevent one user's filter changes from appearing when the next user views a report.
Personal bookmarks In Power BI Service users can create their own personal bookmarks to save their filter settings.

Waiting in the wings are the Azure map visual (still!), modern tooltips and a paginated report visual, to name but 3:

Preview features

Power BI features in preview after the October 2021 update.

I've just been doing a bit of research, and the shape map visual was first introduced as a Power BI preview feature in January 2018, as this blog proves.  This means it's coming up to its fourth birthday.  Party, anyone?

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