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30 years in business
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Looking back on the occasion of our 50th newsletter
As we reach our 50th newsletter, here's a look back over the different versions of our websites, starting with the first oh-so-basic FrontPage version in 1998 and finishing with our prospective new site (early days yet, though, so your opinions on it would be welcome! Oh, and we celebrate our 30th anniversary on 1st May next year: any ideas for how to commemorate this welcome!

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 September 2021

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Looking back on the occasion of our 50th newsletter

We've been sending newsletters out periodically (monthly since 2019) for 10 years now, and have now reached our 50th issue.

We're also approaching our 30th birthday as a company: Wise Owl started life properly on 1st May 1992.  Has anyone any good suggestions for how to celebrate or mark this?

To mark the occasion (of our 50th newsletter), we've used the excellent Wayback Archive to revisit some of our previous websites.  The earliest one recorded is from 6th December 1998:

FrontPage site

From memory I think this was created in FrontPage 98 using Active Server Pages.  Jenny drew the logo in Freelance (and perhaps it shows!).

By January 2002 we'd moved to a less funky menu:

New style menu

I don't remember much about this version of the site!

By March 2003 we had a more professional site, and a new logo:

New logo

This is the first incarnation of the website which looks in any way modern.

This backup is from February 2006:

Same design

Slightly more colour, but essentially the same design.

By January 2010 there was a LOT more colour!

Coloured website

In retrospect, perhaps a bit TOO much colour ...

February 2013 brought a few more tweaks:

Column design

By modern standards, this is still a bit busy, but I quite like it!

By January 2016 we'd settled on our current theme and logo:

Current website

Our current website, more or less.

However, as this look back through the past shows, nothing stays the same for long, and we're currently looking to revamp our site.  Here's one possible design:

Possible new design

Let us know what you think!

I'm feeling quite nostalgic after that look back through the last 23 years of websites! 

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