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The Financial Modelling World Cup
Want a chance to prove your financial modelling skills? Participate in the Financial Modelling World Cup, or maybe just watch some Excel Esports …

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 September 2021

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The 2021 Financial Modelling World Cup

The Financial Modelling World Cup (FMWC) consists of a series of monthly stages, each involving answering questions based on a typical modelling scenario.  There are two entry levels:

Age Fee per monthly stage
Under 25 $10
Open to anyone $15

The winner of each stage in each group typically wins $200; the person at the top of the leader board at the end of the year wins $5,000.  Here's a typical stage scenario:

Typical stage question

The scenario is accompanied by a template Excel financial model, together with a series of questions contestants should answer.

The model I looked at pleasingly followed good Excel Modelling design guidelines, and both the competition and the stages seem very well organised by the person who thought up and executed the cup, Andrew Grigolyunovich.

You can even take part in (or watch) Excel Esports competitions!

Excel ESports

I like Excel as much (more?) than the next person, but even I wouldn't watch other people building models!

This blog tries to prove that Excel is more popular than Fortnite, asking the question "Can Excel be a game for real?" (answer - no):

Fortnite vs Excel

Excel may have more users than Fortnite, but this doesn't mean it's a more popular gaming activity!

Overall, though, I'm impressed with the professionalism of the whole FMWC site and project.  Its aim is to promote learning and healthy competition, and I think it succeeds on both counts.  I wish the FMWC well!

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