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Power Apps causes 38 million records to be exposed online
An investigation from security company UpGuard has revealed that many major US companies have exposed user data online through badly configured Power Apps applications.

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

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Power Apps causes 38 million records to be exposed online

Well, that's the alarmist headline from this ArsTechnica article (it's also been publicised on ZD Net, Silicon Republic and many other tech sites).

Curiously the only site which doesn't seem to mention it - anywhere - is Microsoft's.  The Google search power apps data leak "upguard" only brings up two hits, neither of which references the Power Apps problem.

The original source of the leak information is this blog post from UpGuard, a security company.  A generous interpretation of the problem is that the leaks stemmed from user error, as Power Apps developers didn't reset default permissions.

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