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Changes to Power BI Desktop for August 2021
Part four of a five-part series of blogs

This month sees individually customisable shapes and further refinements to the X axis constant line, among other improvements to Power BI Desktop.

  1. Changes to Power BI Desktop for August 2021
  2. You can now tweak the properties of individual shapes
  3. More options for the X axis constant line
  4. Sharing Q and A synonyms (this blog)
  5. A New Date/Time Format for DAX

We've been creating our idiosyncratic monthly blogs on Power BI updates since November 2016, and also deliver online and classroom Power BI courses.

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

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Sharing Q and A synonyms

If you double-click on the background of a report, you'll create a Q&A visual.  From this you can show your Q&A settings:

Q&A settings

Click on the gear icon to change your Q&A settings.


You can now import settings created by other people in your organisation:

Field synonyms Get more synonyms
Select Field synonyms ... ... then choose to get more

This works both ways!  When you publish a report you can choose to share any synonyms that you've created:

Option to share synonyms

Tick this box to share your synonyms with others in your organisation.

I still find it hard to share Microsoft's enthusiasm for Q&A visuals, though!

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