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30 years in business
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We have new venues for our classroom courses in both London and Manchester
Following the upheaval of COVID, we've got new venues for our classroom training courses in London and Manchester (although as this blog explains, we'll continue to offer online training too for the foreseesable future).

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 August 2021

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New venues for classroom training

What does the future hold?  We wish we knew!  Here's our story so far with COVID:

Period Type of training
Up to March 2020 100% classroom training
April 2020 to August 2021 Virtually 100% online training

Read on to see how we plan to continue to give people choices for types of training in the future!

Manchester classroom courses

For the moment we are giving our Manchester courses in the impressive Holiday Inn in Manchester City Centre:

Holiday Inn Manchester

The hotel is even closer to Piccadilly Station than our old Barlow House venue (we reckon about four minutes' brisk walk).


The rooms are really nice and airy:

Sample training room

A room set up for a class of 5 people.

You can see more details of this venue here.

London classroom courses

We will give our London courses in the Landmark serviced offices in Bevis Marks (just round the corner from our old venue in Holland House - if anything the new venue is even closer to the Gherkin!):

The Gherkin

If you don't know what the gherkin looks like, here's a picture!


You can see more details of our new London venue here.  We will be publishing less London dates than before, but as always if you can't see the course you want on our schedule you can always arrange a tailored onsite course at your company's premises.

Online Training

We recognise that many people will prefer to avoid classroom training for the time being, and plan to continue to deliver online training for as long as people want to receive it, complete with our 3 unusual twists:

  1. We will use our internally-written WORDSWORTH software to manage delegates' remote desktop screens, allowing us to see what everyone is doing at any time.
  2. Even though it's time-consuming to organise and do, we will continue to conduct a pre-course check for every new delegate on our online courses, to minimise the chances of things going wrong on the day of the course itself.
  3. We will continue to send out courseware in the post to people's preferred addresses, so that delegates can refer to paper manuals during the course.

You can see more details of how our online training works here.

One more change: we've reset the maximum numbers allowed on our classroom and online courses to 6, to reflect the fact that there's no longer so much need to socially distance on classroom courses (and that we're now masters of online training).

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