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August 2021 Newsletter Competition
For this month's competition we invite you to find the 47 famous singers in the word search grid - unused letters will spell out 3 songs by one of the singers.

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

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August 2021 Newsletter Competition

For this month's competition, find the 47 famous singers in the following word search (none has less than 5 letters, so our apologies to fans of Cher, Enya and Pink):

Word search

You may find it easier, however, to use this Excel workbook (which also contains a helpful macro).

The 85 unused letters, when read from left to right and top to bottom, spell out the names of three songs by one of the singers.  To enter this month's competition, email the name of the singer and the titles of the three songs to the following address by the last week in August:

Email address

The email address to use.


The first correct entry picked out by our twin systems Worksheet for Optimising the Random Selection of Entries and the Wise Owl Randomised Sorter in Excel (WORSE and WORSE) will win an Amazon voucher for £50. 

Depressed by the dreadful quality of puns?  Us too: send us your suggestions for better acronyms!

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