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Answer to (and winner of) our July 2021 competition
Last month's puzzle asked you to locate 4 mountains, and then give the coordinates of a 5th (Mount Everest), although as many people pointed out the puzzle contained a small factual error (apparently Mont Blanc ISN'T t the tallest mountain in Europe!).

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

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Answer to (and winner of) our July 2021 competition

In last month's competition you had to find 4 locations, and give coordinates for the missing 5th.  Trying different permutations of each set of 3 words gave:

Words Location Continent
repair.speeds.kilowatts Kilimanjaro Africa
falsify.deserving.athlete Aconcagua South America
overlaps.gadget.stretch Denali, formerly Mt McKinley North America
dregs.split.micro Mont Blanc Europe

The idea was that these were the highest mountains in each of the 4 continents listed.  The obvious missing one is Mount Everest at transpring.foreign.punctures.

However ... a number of people pointed out that Mont Blanc isn't the highest mountain in Europe, since Mount Elbrus in Russia is significantly taller.  Apologies for the mistake! 

Out of 19 correct entries, the random sorting hat chose this month's winner as Gary Brittain of Southend Council - he wins this month's £50 Amazon voucher and our congratulations.

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