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You can now pay Wise Owl invoices online
We've added a link to every invoice that we send out - clicking on this link will take you to an online payment form, so that you can pay invoices without having to call us.

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

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You can now pay Wise Owl invoices online

Following our move to Stripe, we've now added an online payment facility.  Every Wise Owl invoice now contains a payment link:

Payment link

A typical payment link is shown above (partially redacted for privacy!).

Clicking on this link takes you to our website:

Payment form

The form which appears.

You can then use most common payment cards to make your payment:

Stripe payment

This is the test payment card number provided by Stripe.

We recognise that many people would prefer to make payments without having to speak to a Wise Owl, however friendly, so hope that this facility makes people's working lives that tiny bit easier.

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