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July 2021 newsletter competition - search the globe!
After a few challenging puzzles, this month's should be a nice easy one - just use the WHAT 3 WORDS website or app to find the four listed locations, and work out which one is missing!

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 June 2021

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July 2021 newsletter competition - search the globe!

The London-based company What3Words has divided the world into 3 metre square grids.  Here are some examples:

Grid location Where it is
life.swung.pounds Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square
foam.debate.years Cleopatra's Needle, Embankment

Be aware that the order of the words is important!

Order of words

Get the order of the words wrong and you can land a long way away from your intended destination!


To enter this month's competition, find the link between the following locations (but bear in mind that the three words are listed here in alphabetical order, which isn't necessarily the right one!):

Location First word Second word Third word
1 kilowatts repair speeds
2 gadget overlaps stretch
3 athlete deserving falsify
4 dregs micro split

Remember: the order of the words for each location may be different to the one listed (so it's worth trying different combinations - for example,  speeds.kilowatts.repair for the first location).

There's an obvious location missing from the list above.  To enter this month's competition, just send the three words for this missing location (in the correct order please!) to the following email address:

Email address

Send your entry to this email address.


The first correct entry picked out of the Wise Owl sorting hat will win this month's £50 Amazon voucher!

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