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Power BI Desktop update - June 2021
This update only includes a couple of tweaks for charts, although more excitingly the paginated reports visual is now in preview.

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Posted by Andy Brown on 29 June 2021

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Power BI Desktop update - June 2021

There's not much to shout about this month - just a couple of tweaks to charts in Power BI.

The big news is the announcement of a new preview feature.  You will soon be able to insert visuals to display paginated reports published to premium workspaces (thus bringing the functionality of Report Builder within Power BI).  I will blog on this when it emerges from preview!

Area chart transparency

You can now change the transparency of colours for area charts:

20% transparency 80% transparency
20% transparency 80% transparency

You can do this using this property on the Data Colors formatting card:

Data colors transparency

Apparently area transparency was previously hard-coded to 60% - now you can change it to any value you like!


Inner padding for continuous charts

Even before this update, you could change the inner padding property of some charts with category axes:

10% inner padding 50% padding (the maximum)
10% inner padding 50% padding (the maximum)

Here's the property in question:

Inner padding

The Inner padding slider on the X axis formatting card.


Microsoft now report that you can change this for continuous charts (the Power BI update blog gives an example of a line chart).  However, on my version of Power BI the inner padding property doesn't appear for this scenario (clearly I must be doing something wrong?).

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