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Answer and winner for the March 2021 newsletter competition
This month's competition was one by Michelle Ashworth of Rochdale Borough Council (congratulatons to her): answers and details in this blog.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 March 2021

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Answer and winner for the March 2021 newsletter competition

Congratulations to Michelle Ashworth of Rochdale Borough Council, whose winning entry was picked out of the random Excel sorting hat (one of 14 entries).  The complete codeword should have looked like this:

Completed codeword

The completed grid.

The letters corresponding to the numbers were as follows:

The letters and numbers

The letters used.

The middle word was OCARROSVNUI, which is an anagram of CORONAVIRUS, the unwanted visitor we were looking for (kudos to Simon Ranson for pointing out that it's also an anagram of CARNIVOROUS, a fact I hadn't realised!).

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