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Teams Together: gimmick, or productivity tool?
The new preview Teams Together feature makes it look as if you and your team are sitting side-by-side at a bar - but there the illusion ends.

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 March 2021

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Teams Together: gimmick, or productivity tool?

So if you're attending a Teams meeting with 4 or more participants, you may if you're the host be able to initiate Teams Together:

Teams Together

Enabling the new preview feature of Teams (the menu option is greyed out if you don't have enough people in a meeting).


We found you actually needed 5 people, not 4, but this could be because we were doing something wrong.

You can then choose one of about 20 or so scenes:

Scenes availabe

Some of the scenes available.

Choosing a scene positions everyone in the meeting on the relevant bench, chair, stool or whatever - here are some examples. 

Let's start with a weird Narnian-style forest:

Narnia scene

In truth I've no idea what this scene is meant to be!

Exam time?

Exam scene

As the host of the meeting, I was promoted to the front for some reason for this one.

Or maybe time for a relaxing drink?

Last chance saloon

Last orders at the Owl Bar.

So to sum up, and answer the question posed in the title. Gimmick or productivity feature?  I'll let you decide! 

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