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Holoportation using Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft Mesh will make it seem as if you're actually holoporting to another place, but you'll have to wear googles to change your reality.

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 March 2021

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Holoportation using Microsoft Mesh

Fancy swimming with sharks?  Me neither - but holoportation will allow you to get close to the experience without leaving your desk:

Shark pool

What the future may look like ...

Forgot Pokémon Go, you can visit a world inhabited by your favourite Pokémon characters:


Are these Pokémon characters? As you can tell, I'm not an aficionado.

Initially it all looks slightly disappointing to me:

The future

Is this really what the future looks like?

You can use the new Teams Together mode to sit side by side with your colleagues, but Microsoft Mesh (as this new software is called) will make it seem as if you're actually working alongside your colleagues!

You can see a quick summary of what all this might look like here, or watch a more detailed video (both Microsoft sites).  Just think Minority Report, but with nerdy goggles.

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