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Changes to Power BI in the February 2021 update
After no update in January, February sees just a couple of small changes to Power BI, but there's a big logjam building up in preview.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 February 2021

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Changes to Power BI in the February 2021 update

So initially it looked like I'd have lots to talk about this month, but it turns out even the advertised search bar is in preview:

Search bar

The update blog promises a search bar, but it's not in my version of Power BI!

The only change that I can see which will be interesting/useful for readers of this blog is an improved colour palette: 

Colour palette

The colour palette has always been a weak feature of Power BI. No longer!


When you click on the More colors... link you can now enter RGB values as well as a HEX colour code:

RGB value

This colour is 116 red, 78 green and 194 blue.


One other tiny change - when filtering, you can filter out data where a particular field is empty (or non-empty):

Empty and non-empty

A field which is empty contains an empty string of text, as opposed to a field which is blank which contains nothing at all (most people won't care about the difference). Note that a field containing only blanks is treated as empty.


The list of interesting changes accumulating in preview is exciting though!

Preview features

The most exciting new features (we think) are the ability to show multiple versions of the same chart for different field values (small multiples) and the move to present all field lists in the same consistent way, whether they appear for a visual, a table or in model view.


So with no update in January and only a small one this month, can we expect a bumper update in March 2021?  Time will tell!

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