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Microsoft seem to be planning a big upgrade to Windows in the second half of 202
There's a minor update to Windows due in Spring 2021, but a much bigger one in the offing in the second half of the year

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 February 2021

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Windows updates for 2021

After a small update in the Spring of this year, Microsoft appear to be planning a much bigger update in the second half of the year.  Here are some features which it should contain:

Feature Notes My thoughts
More dynamic content A new task on your task pane to show local news and weather. I'd far rather go to Google or the BBC when I want weather news - but I suppose that's exactly what Microsoft are planning to stop!
Startup app notifications Programs will now show notifications when they are configured to run on start-up. Since Teams is by far the worst offender on this, it'll be interesting to see if there's a "Reverse this" button!
New emoji picker An improved emoji picker will also let you choose clipart and GIFs, perhaps. Windows will never be Snapchat, although it will always try to appeal to the younger user.
New voice typing A new feature called Voice Typing replaces Windows Dictation, and will be available for any text box. Given the huge improvements in voice recognition, this might finally trigger the moment when it's quicker to speak to (say) Word than it is to type into it.
Storage health monitoring A new feature will monitor the health of your storage devices, and warn you of possible problems. Apparently this is mainly designed to avoid the sudden catastrophic failure of the new(ish) SSD drives.
Cortana can find files Cortana will be able to search for and find files on your hard disk. Now this would be a good idea, although not if Microsoft's bias towards OneDrive is maintained.
32 or 64 bit information The Windows task manager should include a new column to give an application's architecture type. This is only a tiny thing, but I quite like the idea of seeing whether each program runs in 32 or 64 bit mode.

To see a full run-down of possible new features in this update (as ever, nothing is guaranteed until it happens) see this comprehensive article.

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