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Buying pre-payment vouchers for Wise Owl training
This blog explains how you can create a pre-payment account for Wise Owl training, as well as how you can then buy and spend pre-payment vouchers.

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 February 2021

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Buying pre-payment vouchers for Wise Owl training

This blog explains how you can buy and use pre-payment vouchers.  We recommend you read our separate blog explaining in detail how our pre-payment vouchers work before proceeding.

Creating your user profile

To use pre-payment vouchers you will need to sign in to our website.  To do this, click on this button at the top right:

Sign in button

If you're using the mobile version you'll need to click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen to see this.


If you haven't previously created a profile on our website, you'll need to register as a user:

Register as new user

Click on this link, then create a user profile (our system will send you an email to confirm that you're who you say you are - click on the link in this email in the usual way to confirm your identity).

You'll then be able to click on your user name to see your profile:

Your user name

Click on your user name to see your profile details.


If you're a new client of Wise Owl (that is, if you haven't previously booked any courses with us or asked us to send you information) please contact us at this stage just so that we can get you set up in our system.

Buying vouchers

To buy a voucher, click on this link on your user profile page:

Buying a voucher

Choose to buy a voucher here.

If you can't find this (or it's no longer available), you can get to the same button at the bottom of our voucher information page:

Buying a voucher 2

Another way to start buying vouchers.


Whichever way you choose, you'll first need to set up an account (accounts allow you to create different pools of vouchers for different people in your company):

Account name

You can call your account anything - the system suggests the name of your company, but you'll find it easier if you abbreviate this so that it fits into the box.

Now go to the next step (there are only two steps!):

Naming your account

I've called my account Wise Owl vouchers.


Optionally, appoint one or more other people to be authorised users of your account:

Authorised users

Click on the link shown above if you want to have more than one person authorised to use your account.

Users have the right to spend vouchers, but only administrators can add or remove people from the account.

Your new account is now available from the left-hand menu:

New account

You can click on this account at any time to see its details.


Click on this account if necessary, and choose the Vouchers tab:

Adding a voucher

Click to add a voucher as shown.


Type in the amount of voucher you want to buy and press the Tab key

Voucher amount

Use the guide above this to decide how much you want to pre-pay.

More information will now appear: scroll down to accept the conditions, then buy this voucher:

Buying the voucher

You'll need to accept the (very short!) conditions before you can buy your voucher.


You'll see a confirmation message, then a list of the vouchers you have:

List of vouchers

We will invoice you for the voucher you've bought (in this case. £6,000 plus VAT).

You won't be able to spend your voucher until it's been fully paid.

Paid vouchers

This voucher has now been paid, and can be spent.

Spending vouchers

Once you've paid for vouchers, you (or any other people you've attached to your account) can spend them!  For example, you might decide you want to book a place on this course:

Booking a course place

You can click on a button next to a course to book it.


You could then go through the process of booking a course place (as shown in this separate blog).  When you get to your basket you'll see a summary of the courses you're buying:

Summary of vouchers

A summary of your basket will appear, along with a list of any vouchers you have outstanding.

When you check out the contents of your basket, you'll see how your vouchers will be allocated against payments:

Allocation of vouchers

So even thought the cost for this course is £595, you will only page £565.25 of your voucher to cover this (since you have a bronze voucher, entitling you to a 5% discount).

We'll then allocate the vouchers to your booking behind the scenes, and let you know when this process is complete (it'll normally take a few hours at most).

For tailored course bookings - or bookings for public course places taken by email or phone - we'll update your voucher spending record behind the scenes, and send you a summary of this.

Viewing your voucher history

You can at any time click on the History tab to see how much you've spent (and how much you have to go):

Voucher history

You'll see a full list of your spending for all of the vouchers in your account.

One final note: we don't put any vouchers through our accounts until they're spent; from our point of view the money remains yours until you use it.

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