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Results and winner of our January 2021 Newsletter Quiz Competition
Congratulations to Amanda Wilding of ReAssure for winning last month's competition - see which question people found easiest (and which they found most difficult), and how many people got all of the questions correct

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2021

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Results for January 2021 Newsletter Quiz Competition

There were 40 entries for our quiz.  Five people (Catherine, Mike, Paul, Simon and Yakoob) managed to get all 20 questions correct - congratulations to them, and in particularly to Mike for also recording by far the fastest time (under 2 minutes).

Interestingly, people found the first question easiest (90% of people got it right):

Nutella question

36 out of 40 people knew - or correctly guessed - that Ferrero Rocher made Nutella!


At the other end of the scale, only 50% of people got the last question right:

Euro 2020

Only 20 out of 40 people knew that the Euro 2020 final will take place in London.

Congratulations to Amanda Wilding of ReAssure whose name was the first drawn out of the Wise Owl randomised sorting hat (she also got a very high score).  She is the winner of this month's prize of a £50 Amazon voucher!

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