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30 years in business
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Our three-day fast track courses are now available as scheduled courses
To cater for the needs of the select few who can cope with them, we've now published dates for our three-day fast-track courses (previously these were only bookable as in-company tailored courses). Book with care!

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2021

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Our fast track courses are now available as scheduled courses

Most people will prefer to attend a two-day introduction course to learn a particular application, followed (perhaps) a couple of months later by a two-day advanced course.  However, a select band of people will want to condense this training into three intensive days - you'll know if you're one of them!

Here are some tell-tale signs that a fast-track course might suit you: your colleagues are always impressed with how quick you are at using software, you've already dabbled in the software concerned and you're used to spending all day looking at a computer screen.

Recognising this, we've now published public course dates for our fast-track courses - just follow the appropriate links below:

You can see more details about how our three-day fast-track courses work here (and obviously continue to book tailored fast-track courses just for your company as before, should you prefer this).

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