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A new type of Power BI licence: Premium per user
Microsoft have announced a new type of licence for Power BI called Premium Per User, which sits halfway between the current Pro and Premium licences.

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

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A new type of Power BI licence: Premium per user

Previously there have been 3 types of licences available for developing reports in Power BI:

Licence Notes Aimed at
None You can create reports, but can't share them with anyone Individuals
Pro You need to buy one Power BI Pro licence for each person sharing reports, at a cost of about $10 per month per user. Small businesses
Premium per capacity For a typical cost of $5,000 per site you get the right to enjoy almost unlimited capacity and refresh rates, as well as AI capabilities (you can also host your own reports). Large businesses

There's now a 4th option (Power BI Premium per user) aimed at medium-sized business, who want the extra features that Power BI Premium offers but don't want to fork out $5,000 a month for the privilege. 

Here's how the Power BI Premium licences (per user and per capacity) compare (this diagram is taken from the Microsoft Power BI Premium per user FAQ page):

Power BI licences compared

A comparison of the two Power BI Premium licences.

And here's who can share what for each type of licence:

  Pro Premium per user Premium per capacity user
Pro Yes Yes No
Premium per user No Yes No
Premium per capacity Yes Yes Yes

So for example if you create a report using a premium per user licence, only people with a premium per user licence can share this.

The elephant in the room?  How much this new licence will cost.  This is expected to be announced in Spring of this year (2021).  I would guess it will be something like $20 a month (as opposed to $10 a month for a Pro licence), but this is only a guess!

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