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The new Excel data types will make a big difference to your life
Part one of a four-part series of blogs

Soon you will be able to display information from almost any common dataset in your Excel worksheets automatically. For now your access will probably be limited to stocks and geographical data, but many more data types (including your own custom ones) should be available soon.

  1. New Excel data types will make a big difference to your life (this blog)
  2. Creating and using data types
  3. The built-in data types available (and those coming soon)
  4. Power BI datasets as Excel data types

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 December 2020

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New Excel data types will make a big difference to your life

Microsoft are gradually introducing a host of new data types to Excel.  This blog explains how to create and use the various new data types, as well as how to link to featured tables containing data in Power BI.

A geography data type

An example: the Geography data type allows you to show information about different places.

As with everything in Excel these days, different people will have different features in Excel (depending on what update channel you're currently on), but we will all reach the same destination in the end!

We'll start with how to create and use a sample data type (the Geography one).


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