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Cardboard cat forts and tanks? How bored can people get in lockdown?
The aptly named sad and useless website contains many photos of people's cardboard creations, including a surprising number of forts and tanks for cats.

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 December 2020

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Bored in lockdown? Create a cardboard cat fort!

How bored have YOU been at times in 2020?  Bored enough to build a cardboard fort for your cat?

Cardboard cat fort

This is the censored version - you can see the unexpurgated one here, along with many other cardboard creations for cats.

Or even a tank?

Cat tank

There are many more examples here, showing just how bored lockdown can make people feel.

If you're inspired by this, feel free to build your own cardboard fort for your pets and send in the pictures, and we'll publish them in the next newsletter (along, perhaps, with our own).


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