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30 years in business
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An opportunity for stardom (well, sort of)
If you've attended one of our online training courses recently (and enjoyed the experience), would you be willing to be interviewed about it? We're making a couple of short promotional videos, and would love them to feature real people's views.

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2020

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Opportunity for stardom (well, sort of)

We want to make a couple of short videos to explain who we are and what we do (one general, and one showing what it's like to attend one of our online courses).  But we need you!

We're looking for someone who has attended one of our online courses (ideally someone who enjoyed the experience ...) who would be willing to give a bit of time to be interviewed by Gav, our video guru. 

If this sounds vague, that's because we're not 100% sure what the video will contain ourselves at this stage.

We'll probably ask if we can show you at each stage of the online training process - that is:

  1. Making an initial enquiry and booking.
  2. Receiving your courseware in the post.
  3. Doing your pre-course check.
  4. Attending the course.
  5. Filling in feedback afterwards.

It would be good if we could get 4 or so people, so that we can record a segment of an online training course happening.

We would pay for any expenses incurred, and also pay something for your time (we're quite keen though that this should just be compensation for your inconvenience, as we don't want in any way to be seen as buying praise).

If you think this would be of interest, please let us know in the first instance by sending a message to the following email address:

Film volunteers

Please send a brief summary of how you'd be willing to help to this email address.


Many thanks for reading this far!

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